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Verein Shedhalle

Rote Fabrik
Seestrasse 395
CH-8038 Zürich

Tel + 41 44 4815950
Fax +41 44 4815951



Interim presentation and film screening


Thursday, April 30, 7 p.m.

Exhibition display about refugees’ memory and asylum policy in Switzerland/ First memory map:

A group of refugees looks into the „memory“ of asylum policy in Switzerland and aims to develop an exhibition display for Shedhalle.The group has produced a first cartography of memory that presents the asylum policy and Switzerland’s role during World War II.

In addition to the exhibition of the first memory map, the group hosts the Zurich film premiere of "Rubén, fragments from exile" by Eva Danzl (CH, 2014).

A film about a life in exile in Switzerland, the lasting trauma of torture and a life-long struggle for justice.

For over 20 years in the middle of Zurich's botanical garden, Argentinian Rubén has been recording herbariums, a work that calms down his inner restlessness. However, he can not forget his times in the clandestine torture prisons of the military dictatorship in Argentina: You can’t get used to the torture nor can you detach yourself from it, says Ruben. So So today he is still fighting for atonement and justice as a witness in the trials against the henchmen of the military dictatorship. (Trailer)

The work of Shedhalle (un)learning community is supported by Pro Helvetia.