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Tue 1pm to 6pm
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Thu 1pm to 9pm
Fri 1pm to 6pm
Sat – Sun 12am to 6pm

Verein Shedhalle

Rote Fabrik
Seestrasse 395
CH-8038 Zürich

Tel + 41 44 4815950
Fax +41 44 4815951





The Salon Bastarde is a fusion of Zurich’s bastard*s, for*eigners, second@s, and Kanaks who want a say in how their city looks and what happens there. The Salon is a cultural-political intervention for becoming local in a Switzerland of exclusion and everyday racism. The Salon offers everyone who has an immigration background, people of color, as well as all who are interested and allies, (a) space for critique, fun, and utopia!

The Salon is a work-in-progress for inventing and rehearsing a city with immigration at the forefront. The Happenings connect musical acts with discussion, performances with science. Arising from this mix is, for example, a new langu@gé, a new Ƨtyle, a new Ɐesthetic, a new spirit for a city with at least 40 percent bastard*s. Spread the word. Come to the Salon—get in tatsch.... or check ya Facebook for updates….

The Salon Bastarde arose from the project “The Whole World in Zurich,” which explored concrete interventions in urban citizenship at the Shedhalle Zürich in 2015/2016. In several “harbor talks,” dozens of cultural workers, researchers, and media makers, as well as activists from immigration backgrounds and/or people of color asked: what is our right to a city? And what city do we want?

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