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Sat – Sun 12am to 6pm

Verein Shedhalle

Rote Fabrik
Seestrasse 395
CH-8038 Zürich

Tel + 41 44 4815950
Fax +41 44 4815951





January to March 2017

The future is back! It’s rising again on the horizon of the possible and is calling for thinking about utopias that radically depart from the present.

February 4, 18:00: Opening and Apéro

February 25, 20:00: Kinetic Treat concert *

March 2, 19:00: Sharing a table with androids / discussion *

March 11, 20:00: Alternatives to the world’s end / Festival *

* Fee 5 CHF

Opening hours:

February 5 – 12, February 20 – March 12: Thu 14.00 - 21.00 / Sat & Sun 12.00 - 18.00

February 13 –19, March 13– April 2 : Tue, Wed 14-18 / Thu 14-21 / Sat & Sun 12-18

From January to March 2017, the Kollektiv Neue Dringlichkeit will settle in at the Shedhalle and allow a constantly changing “Lab of the future” to arise: a public space of collective research, a proliferating coral reef of ideas and visions, and a futuristic festival space where we welcome another tomorrow.

The lab will open its doors on February 2, and the steadily growing spatial installation of maps, sketches, and found pieces is a walk-in space.

There will be reading circles, film evenings, performances, talks, and discussions with future researchers, science fiction authors, and cultural studies scholars.

For further information and updates please visit: