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Syposium for visibility / invisibility of Roma art in Switzerland and Europe

Open Theory Lectures

Saturday, September 3, 2016

keynotes 1 – 6 p.m.

panel discussion 8 p.m.

The symposium OpenTheory Lectures is dedicated to multiple perspectives on visibility / invisibility of Roma in society.

As artists, curators and theorists refer to the art of Roma, one needs to question the aesthetic priorities they rely on the initiatives, archives and network structures they produce with their work and how they contribute, not least the fact into account that art continues produced national profiles of artists and creating national pavilions as exhibition spaces for art.

What does this mean for the Rome-artists / the Romni artist?

Are concepts of origin and national origin relevant for transnational Roma? Has the situation of the Roma varied as a transnational minority? How do Roma artists position themselves in the cross-border circuits of ideas, images, objects and people?

The symposium is the finishing point of the concludes the three-part project of Roma Jam Session Art Collective (RJSaK) that included Detox dance performance / Parallel Event at Donate To Curate and the first Roma manifesto poster campaign in urban areas and in the Shedhalle.

RJSaK understands itself as a transnational collective which works for the visibility of the Roma in society. Since its inception in 2013, the RJSaK entered into various collaborations. For the symposium Open Theory Lectures, it was now the collective possible to activate its networks from Europe and to organize a meeting in Zurich.

Afternoon program

1 p.m.

Welcome and Introduction

Roma Jam Session Art Kollektiv

1.30 p.m.

Keynotes Block I

Bianca Stojka-Davis
Dr. Suzana Milevska
Moritz Pankok

Coffee break

3:30 p.m.

Keynotes Block II

André Raatzsch

8 p.m.

keynote speakers and respondents

Evening programm

7 p.m.


8 p.m.

Panel discussion

Closing session with keynote speakers and respondents

9 p.m.

Detox Dance –
Liquid Urban Sculpture

RJSaK and complices

10 p.m.

Nancy Black

Visualmix 1: Romani Art Attack
Visualmix 2: „Dikhen i worba“ - Poems / Texts (German & Romanes)
Sound: unwasted, Romani, Lounge, Electro, Rare

Keynote speakers:

Dr. Suzana Milevska, theorist, curator of visual art and culture from Skopje, Macedonia. She was first appointed professor at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna with focus on Central and South - Eastern European art history. Dr. Suzana Milevska is currently main researcher of the Project TRACES, Politecnico di Milano.

Moritz Pankok, Curator Gallery Kai Dikhas, Berlin. The gallery was opened 2011 and shows constantly changing exhibitions of internationally known contemporary Artists of the minority of Sinti and Roma from all over Europe. Kai Dikhas was rewarded 2016 with "Premio de la Cultura Gitana" of Instituto de la Cultura Gitana, Madrid.

RomArchive / Isabel Raabe,curator and cultural production manager, initiator of RomArchive - Digital Archive of Sinti and Roma. RomArchive is an internationally accessible digital place that makes the art and cultures of the Roma visible. The project is funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Bianca Stojka-Davis, CEO & Founder of ARTSUITE ONE, Strategic Consultant & Curator Vienna, Atlanta

André J. Raatzsch, artist, curator and theorist with focus on image politics, i.a. curator RomArchive, Berlin / Budapest

Moderation / Sound / Visuals:

Gilda-Nancy Horvath / Nancy Black, Romni from Vienna, journalist, moderator, artist, writer, activist, project consulter, at present active in Berlin for RomArchive, RomaDay, AntHateSpeech Movement i.a.


Dr. Stéphane Laederich, Director Rroma Foundation Zurich and Rroma Contact Point, Zurich, Author quantitative study of the "invisible" Rroma in Switzerland and study of media coverage of Rroma, Zurich / Budapest

Angela Mattli, leader of campaigns in minority issues and responsible for the dossier of Antiziganism, Society of Threatened People (GfbV), Bern. Angela Mattli specialized after her studies in the field political communication.

Cathérine Hug, art historian and curator Kunsthaus Zurich; Exhibitions i. a. "Europe. The future of history" (2015) with Robert Menasse and "Francis Picabia. A Retrospective" (2016) with Anne Umland

Sophie Pagliai, holds a Master of CCC Research-Based Master Programme of HEAD (Geneva University of Art and Design); she works as an art practiconner and in theory in the fields of visual anthropology and activism; she is also a member of the association for Roma rights "Mesemrom", Geneva

RJSAK / Mo Diener, media and performance artist. 2013 founder of Roma Jam Session art Kollektiv (RJSaK)  with RR Marki and Milena Petrovic. Artistic Director of RJSaK und RR Marki, Rom and Activist, Graphic Designer, Performer, public relations of RJSaK, from Skopje, Macedonia. 2013 cofounder of RJSaK.