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Three thesis for the democratization of democracy in social movements

Saturday, April 23, 6 p.m.

With Katerina Anastasiou and KurtO Wendt

When the rail services between Hungary and Austria came to a standstill (or: were stopped), when people could not keep coming and the authorities did not see a way out, the Vienna collective which was named after a hungarian resistance fighter from the 2nd world war whistled: direct escape aid. More than 200 drivers hit the road to the border between Austria and Hungary and created kind of a "replacement bus service": Partly practical support, partly crossing the migration politics of Europe. More than 400 refugees were able to safely reach the alpine republic. The transgression of the hungarian-austrian border became a symbol for the transnational understanding of Europe.

Katerina Anastasiou is an activist and coordinator at Change4all. Change4all is primarily concerned with monitoring and mapping of transnational movements.

KurtO Wendt is part of the Erzsébet Szabó collective/ Refugee Convoy – replacement bus service for refugees. The collective group is carrier of the Lisa Fittko-price for refugee support in the category named "escape support“.

The discussion is the first of a series of events EUROPEAN SPRING that takes place in Shedhalle from April to October, 2016. Further information here.