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Shedhalle feat. Goldproduktionen

Clubhouse Utopia

A parlour game

March, 7 – 29, 2016

The trust in the capabilities of our societies to change is essential to handle problems effecting all of us, for example the rise of energy consumption or the divide between rich and poor. These are topics that will effect us also in the future an that show the necessity of decisions and action. And also this should happen not from individuals but from a responsible community. Futurology should not stay in the hands of the mighty powers, so Goldproduktionen and representatives of certain associations are going to think about the future for a whole evening.

A coproduction of Shedhalle, Goldproduktionen and Fabriktheater.

No matter where we look at: The crisis keeps us busy. The crisis has a lock on us: Political crisis, Refugees crisis, financial crisis, ecological crisis dominate the media’s headlines. Future is no promise any more. The future seems to be in danger and threatening.

The artist collective Goldproduktionen gives the impetus to the dominating pessimism to create trust with Clubhouse Utopia for the transformative capacity of communities. Believing in a common customizable future the collective invites ten Zurich associations to a dinner in its mobile clubhouse in the Shedhalle.

In a three-course meal including a game we will create visions for Zurich in 2116. At every evening we keep on building the walk-in installation and document the resulting visions.

Special program in Vereinslokal Utopia on Sunday, March 27:

13:00-17:00 Keepers of some secrets are on site.

They were there as club members at one of the club evenings and tell vistors of the talks, visions and events of the evening.

Special program in Vereinslokal Utopia on Monday, March 28:

16:00–20:00 Keepers of some secrets are on site.

They were there as club members at one of the club evenings and tell vistors of the talks, visions and events of the evening.

15:30 Reading from the club Dock 18 as part of their project Re:Public Domain.

HütHüt isch wider Fasenacht, wo-n-is d'Muetter Chüechli bacht und Joggeli söll ga Birli schüttle! by Lisa Wenger

Each artwork is protected by copyright laws to seventy years after the death of the author. After that it can be used for free. The works are so gifts to the future. What we produce today will be part oft he public domain in 2116. The project Re: Public Domain today promotes public domain works and makes them the accessible again for now.

Opening Hours Clubhouse Utopia at Shedhalle

Implementation Seraina Dür, Christin Glauser
Scenography: Chasper Bertschinger
Drawings: Andreas Bertschi
Sound design: Ueli Kappeler
Assistance: Annatina Huwiler
Performer at association dinners: Anna Frey
Chef at association dinners: Maurice Maggi
Koproduktion Shedhalle, Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik
Ten Zurich association as: augenauf, Dock 18, du-bist-du, FCZ, Flexibles, Paulus-Chor Zürich, Rotary Club Zürich City, Seesportfischerverein Zürich und Zollikon, Verein Bildung für Alle, Verein Zürcher Bienenfreunde.

Clubhouse Utopia in the medias:

Tagesanzeiger, 10.3.2016
NZZ, 14.3.2016

Supprorted by Stadt Zürich Kultur, Fachstelle Kultur Kanton Zürich, Gemeinnützige Gesellschaft des Kantons Zürich, MIGROS-KULTURPROZENT